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Divorce today has become a global phenomenon. Russia is believed to be the country with the highest number of divorce cases in the year with the US taking the 6th position in the top 10 of 2016. One such study on divorce states that more than 30000 people file for a divorce in Belgium in a year. Seeing these details, it is pretty much clear that divorce rates are erratic globally. As of 2010, it was reported that 4 out of 10 marriages end in divorce. Despite the fact that divorces are also sought for silly reasons, there are some genuine reasons as well, due to which divorce laws and family courts still exist. Here are the top 3 legal grounds on which one can seek divorce.

Divorce Petition

Legal grounds for divorce:


Adultery is when one spouse cheats on the other with an extramarital or a premarital affair that was hidden from the notice of the affected spouse. Then the victim can file for a divorce.

The spouse being abused:

In cases where the affected spouse goes in for a divorce under the pretext of being abused, again this is one strong reason that backs a divorce petition. Different cases are files under this head. It can be domestic violence case as in the spouse being hit, sexual harassment, suspicion and mentally being abused. The court will hear the petition at the earliest considering the welfare of the individual and the other members of the family.

Living Apart:

When the couples stop living under the same roof then surprisingly that becomes a valid reason for divorce. There are two different clauses when it comes to living separately: with consent and without consent. With consent, if the couples are living apart for a period of 2 years, and if they have stayed apart for more than 5 years without consent, then they go in for a divorce. The family court after analyzing the facts of the case will grant room for a legal separation.

Mutual Consensus:

So this one is an additional point. Irrespective of what the reason is, most divorce procedure end up smooth if the couples go for it in mutual consensus. Usually, divorce cases with mutual consent and a strong reason usually end up at the earliest.

Divorce isn’t easy:

Most countries with the view of helping people understand the aftermath of divorce ask couple to go for at least three sessions of counseling before they get into the divorce procedure. This is because law considers itself responsible for the welfare of the people. Thereby they make sure couples seeking divorce get a platform that can reunite them. So divorce procedures aren’t easy as you think. In most cases, it depends on the reason for which a spouse seeks divorce.


There is a general perception the divorce laws are more considerate towards women. Women find it easier to get mercy in the eyes of the law than men. Though this is true in most countries, there are also other countries that treat both men and women equally. This will ensure that one spouse doesn’t gain unnecessary attention over the other. The world is getting to understand things better. Not all men are convicts, and not all women are victims. So things are definitely taking a turn.