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Ridgewood Divorce Lawyers

Understanding the Divorce Process

Divorce is challenging, even when spouses agree on important issues. But if you have high assets, own a business, or wish to relocate with your children, the situation quickly becomes complex.

Your legal rights are important and you should protect them. Work with an attorney who has experience handling complex divorce litigation. At Cavalli & McCann, LLC, that is what we do. We work closely with clients, at every step of the process, to resolve uncontested and contested divorce matters. From our office in Glen Rock, we represent clients throughout northern New Jersey.

Both of our lawyers are certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as matrimonial attorneys. This certification is shared by approximately 150 attorneys in New Jersey. To be considered, an attorney must have participated in a required amount of cases, trials and settlements, pass an extensive written examination, and must receive positive references and recommendations from judges and adversaries.

Complex Divorce Litigation

When we work with clients, we advocate for their best interests, from settlement to trial. This means preparing accurate property and business valuations, and determining how to identify and divide assets associated with the home or business.

Our goal is to make sure all property is equitably divided. Some people think that equitable and equal are the same, but that is incorrect. Marital property is divided between each spouse based on the contributions they made to the marriage.

Our other goal is to ensure that child custody and visitation arrangements are in the best interests of both the child and the parents. You have to live with the result and you need to maintain workable relationships. We can help you achieve that.

Hackensack Child Custody Lawyers

Contact us online, or call 201-447-1100, to schedule a consultation. We can help you resolve all legal concerns related to divorce, from child custody to spousal support/alimony.